Meeting in a Moment

Tonight, my eyes saw one of the prettiest sunsets.  The sun was only visible through its reflections on the clouds.  These reflections brought so much beauty for our eyes to see.

How special it was that God made the sky breathtakingly beautiful in that moment just for us to enjoy.

This beauty faded quickly.  In an instant the sun set and all of the unique ways it was shining through the clouds was over.

How easy it would have been to miss that beautiful moment from God tonight.

Coming home from about nine months out of the country has landed me in a difficult time of transition in my life.  It is a time I know more than ever that I need to fully rely on God.

Maybe this is why this moment with God tonight reminded my heart of the importance of stopping in the moment to really see and enjoy what is in front of us-not our problems, fears, struggles, or doubts…but rather God Himself.

To be still in His presence knowing that He is God.

To be quiet long enough to hear His voice for comfort, reassurance, direction, acceptance.

To be open to these moments with God as opposed to missing out.

Since being home it would have been easy for me to miss out on every moment God wanted to meet with me.  I found myself in a place of doubt, fear, anxiety, worry, sadness, and confusion. The very things clouding my vision from seeing God in the midst of it all.

The beauty I have seen tonight reminded me that God wanted to meet with me right where I was, in that dreaded place.

I am so thankful that God is shining a light on a new path with Him.  I am stepping out of all of the things that want to hold me back from seeing and enjoying God’s beauty in my life.  In these moments is when everything else fades away and all we can do is behold the beauty of our God in every season of our lives.

I desire for my eyes and heart to be open and ready to meet with God in those special moments He creates just for us to enjoy with Him.

Thank you Jesus for the moments you make throughout our days for us to behold your beauty.  Help us Father to never miss out on the best moments of our days-with You. 




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