Journeying to His Heart

I remember the first time I listened to an informative CD on human trafficking.  The lady speaking was training counselors who were preparing to go overseas to work with lives impacted by this injustice.  Before listening to this CD I had never known about this injustice.  After listening I just knew God was calling me to do something with all I had just heard.

I did not know what or how or when but I started with prayer, asking God to show me just how He wanted me to be involved with this injustice.

A few days later I was talking with a friend after church.

“I am praying for six girls that have been rescued from a brothel in India, will you pray for one?”

This plea for prayer was the exact answer to my prayer.  This was the start of a journey of seeking and finding God’s broken heart for one of the most heinous injustices flourishing in this fallen world.

The first Praying Aunties meeting I attended to pray for two of the six sweet girls just rescued, I was told about the opportunity to go to India.  I thought to myself, that is great that you all want to go I will pray for you but there is no way I am going to India.

Little did I know God was using my prayers for these sweet girls in India to open my heart to going to India.

I started praying about the possibility of me going to India.  I told God I needed a sign because if I was going to go to India I would have to know this is what He wants me to do.

God gave me a sign, a literal sign hanging from the ceiling of a store I walked into the night before I had to have my decision to go to India or not to go to India.

The sign simply read “Journey to India” and it was in that moment I knew I was going to a place I never wanted to go but a place God surely did.

After my first trip to India where I worked with several of the homes the Praying Aunties Network supports through prayer, I just knew God was calling me to work in some capacity with these lives impacted by human trafficking.

I was starting to see the how, the what, the where God wanted me.

God was calling me close to this broken piece of His heart.  The more I learned of the things that broke God’s heart related to this injustice, the more my heart broke.

During this time I felt God calling me to counseling school and India.  Sure enough He provided a way for both of these to be a reality when I went to the Foundations in Counseling school in Amsterdam and India.

While in Amsterdam I learned of a Shine Seminar that focuses on the injustice on human trafficking and the Christian response.

Again, I knew God was calling me to this seminar.

I will have the opportunity to attend this six week seminar in Amsterdam.  I leave today and will return May 21st!

I am most excited to understand God’s heart more for this injustice and His heart of justice.  I am so thankful for this opportunity that will bring me even closer to His broken heart.  That being said, I know there will be challenges but I know God is with me always.

This is where I am so thankful for you.  Your prayers for me provide the comfort and support I need.

I love knowing and seeing God’s journey for me to His heart and I am excited to follow Him where He is leading.  I trust after the seminar He will continue to lead and guide me as I journey to the depths of His heart.

With His Love and mine,