For You,

All beautiful you are my darling; there is no flaw in you!

Song of Songs 4:7

While I was stumbling up Calvary’s hill it was your heart I was thinking of.  I could feel the hurt and pain that would mar your beautiful heart and soul.  It pained me to see every mark, blemish, and tainted spot breaking your heart.

I cried out for you!

I kept stumbling for you.

I kept enduring the torment for you.

I struck my cross in the ground for you.

The ground shook and so did every fault on your heart.  My love for you is true.  My love led me to die for you, being separated from God so you never have to be.

When I rose from the grave, your new flawless heart rose with me.  I have been keeping your new flawless heart safe for you.

Today, your heart may have scars but that is okay.  Scars are not a sign of weakness; they are my love for you.  Look into those scars and you will find My love; My extravagant, relentless love.

All I see when I look down on you is the flawless heart I crafted just for you to have.  You will receive my flawless heart for you every time you allow yourself to receive My love into your pain.

Love, Jesus


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