Loved, that is what I am!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the sweet birthday wishes today.  As I look back on the day, all I can do is smile and thank God for His love that I felt through each and every one of you!

From the sweet cards (bonus points to those of you who got my cards to me before/on my birthday all the way from America!!) to the birthday serenade, tea time, trampoline, face time with the family, movie night, and sweet gifts, I simply felt loved.  There is no better feeling to know that God has brought amazing people into my life who love Him and love me.

I am thankful for each of you!

I want to share one story from today because I think it is really neat and hope you will find it neat too!

A couple of us went shopping this afternoon.  We stopped in a store filled with all the things I love, make up and perfume!  As I was smelling all of the scents there was a woman who stopped me and asked me if I would like the full experience of what she was trying to sell me.  The experience included a hand massage, shimmery lotion, and a finish with perfume.  I did not hesitate to say yes.

There is something about being pampered on your birthday that just fits so well!  I was loving the shimmery lotion!  After the lotion, the sweet sales lady told me that she was going to spray perfume on a ribbon and tie it three times around my hand.  For each knot she tied I could make a wish.  If the ribbon fell off my arm it would mean my wishes will come true.

I told her that I don’t make wishes but I do say prayers.  She insisted I could do that too.  So, for every knot I prayed something from my heart to God’s.

After all of the knots/prayers I remember thinking there is no way this ribbon is going to fall off of my arm but it would be really cool if it actually fell off.

We left that store and went about our day.  I honestly did not give that ribbon another thought…until lunch.  I was sharing with my friends about the store and the lady and the ribbon.  When I pulled my sleeve up to show them the ribbon I was so shocked to see the ribbon had fallen off!

Now, I know that a ribbon does not need to fall off of my arm for God to hear and answer my prayers but I really feel as though God allowed that ribbon to fall off of my arm to remind me that He did hear my prayers and He is faithful to answer my prayers in a better way than I could ever ask on my own or imagine on my own.

This little moment today left me feeling so very loved by God.  I pray that you would feel God’s love in an extra special way today.

With His Love and Mine,



2 thoughts on “Loved, that is what I am!

  1. So glad you had a Happy Birthday, Diane. I find it interesting that the woman tied the ribbon three times around your wrist – one each for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Love you.

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