My Safe Haven

The name of the Lord is a Strong Tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.  Proverbs 18:10

I decided one day that I was in desperate need of wisdom.  I read in the Bible that if I ask God for wisdom, He will give it to me.  After lots of prayers for wisdom, I still felt wisdom-less.  I headed to the Christian bookstore, in hopes of finding a study that would help me find God’s wisdom in my life.  It was as if this particular bright yellow book had a spotlight on it showing off the title, “Becoming a Women of Wisdom”.  With a title like that I quickly headed to the cashier with this book in hand.

Truth be told, the study was geared toward a woman with a husband and possibly kids at home.  Despite my husband and kid free life, God was able to use this study right where I was to open my eyes to finding His wisdom!  This study took me through the book of Proverbs.  I had no idea wisdom was found in the pages of God’s Word until I read through Proverbs.  This study brought me to Proverbs 18:10 one night.  When I read this verse my heart skipped a beat.  Tears instantly started rolling down my cheeks.  I cried out in thanks to God that I am safe in Him.  This was a huge revelation for me.  I lived my ENTIRE LIFE in an immense amount of fear.  I did not know what it was like to go through even one moment of my life without fear consuming me.  This all changed the moment my eyes met with these words on the pages of God’s words in Proverbs.

Roughly two years after being introduced to the comfort of this verse, I walked into the first team meeting for our journey to India.  We discussed the four day retreat we would be putting on for the girls from two safe homes.  The theme verse for the retreat was Proverbs 18:10.  My heart overflowed with joy!  I simply could not wait to share the safety I found in our Father’s arms in Heaven with the precious ones from India that needed it the most.

Awesome “God girls” from India helped us put on this retreat.  One of these girls gave a talk on the name of God being a Strong Tower.  Her talk was in Hindi so I had no idea what she was saying, but my heart felt each word.  I prayed while she spoke to the girls.  I prayed that each of them would have a personal encounter with just how amazing God’s safety feels.  I kept thinking how much each of them (us) need to know that no matter what paralyzing fear we face, we are safe when we run to God with arms wide open.

This verse truly came to life during a very special moment shared with a very special girl on a very special day.  After I shared my testimony of rejection, pain, abuse and then recovery, there was a moment for all of us to come to the center of the room.  As I was standing in the center of a room filled with precious princesses of the Most High King this very special girl from across the room came running into my arms.  She sobbed.  My shirt was stained with her tears.  In this moment it was as if I completely disappeared and all that was found by her was Jesus’ open, safe, arms.  I could feel her pouring out every fear bottled up in her heart to God and He was ever faithful to her by making known to her the protection, comfort, and love of His safe arms.

This moment was a beautiful encounter with God.  I am forever thankful to God for moments like this, where His Word truly comes alive to us.  God was making Himself known to us in a way that is indescribable.  I believe God desires to continually give us moments like this!  Let us open our hearts and minds to all God has planned for us to experience as we spend time not only in His Word, but living out His Word each day!

Psalm 62:8


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