“There is purpose in the pain”

I heard this said at a women’s event at my church last year.  These words stuck out from all the others.  My eyes filled with tears as I processed those words in my head and heart.  Even though at that time I did not fully see the purpose of the enormous amount of pain I had been through, I trusted with my whole heart that God had a purpose.

I think I saw a hope of purpose when I started getting involved in a prayer group at church for girls who were victims of human trafficking.  I started praying for sisters who were homeless, living on the streets of India, with their mother.  Their mother now dwells in a brothel where she works, and her precious daughters dwell in a home where they feel safe and loved, and are surrounded by other children who have been rescued from the brothel where each of their mothers still work.  Praying for these little ones easily became my favorite time I spend with God.  It is unbelievable how connected you can feel to someone whom you have never met!  God was connecting us with His heart; this is one thing I was certain of!

With this prayer group, came the opportunity to go to India to not only meet these beloved children, but also to put on a retreat for other homes of rescued girls.  God was opening a door for me to follow Him to India, and I was running away from this door as fast as I possibly could.  I truly could not go to India is what I kept reminding myself.

As I continued to pray for my girls, God was up to something.  God used my faithful prayers for these sweet sisters to open my heart towards actually going to the very streets they were rescued from.  Pretty soon I found myself praying for the very thing I was running far away from.  With each prayer I found myself closer to that door.  Then came the day when I finally walked through God’s open door and my heart instantly knew I was supposed to keep on going, following Him all the way to India.

This journey to India was God’s and I felt so special that He chose me to go along with Him.  Soon I would find out that following God to India would be the start of a journey to finding God’s purpose in all of the tormenting pain I endured for years.  I would have never planned it like that, but God did and I am so thankful for that!

I want to share my experience of such an amazing journey with God, with you.  I desire to share moments of our journey with you to showcase God’s faithfulness, love, healing power, and restoration.  God is doing great things in India!  It is my prayer that as you read adventures from our journey, you will find the purpose God has for you along His journey for your life.

Jeremiah 29:11


8 thoughts on “Pain.

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  2. You are blessed in that the day you realized that pain has a purpose is not that far from the day when the pain was still fresh. Some people wait a very long time, or even a lifetime to see the purpose in their pain. God redeems our pain so beautifully!

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